Essentials Collection offers

RespaTech spring technology for long lasting support and highest level of comfort and quality you can expect from Respa mattresses




Designed to accommodate all lifestyles 


2000 Pocket Respaform spring system

- This pocket system provides strength and durability for exceptional performance 

- The spring system aids perfect posture for spinal alignment with ultimate comfort 


Respa Airflow Technology 

- Airflow foam combines superior support and durability with a spring like feel to ease pressure on sensitive areas.

- Airflow foam has been formulated with a very high open cell structure which increases airflow and breathability 


Foam encapsulated

- For maximum edge to edge support


Deep Double sided luxury support box-top

- For optimum comfort and support 

- Flip and rotate regularly 

Respa Luxury Support 2000 Mattress

Mattress Size
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